In Conversation with Michael Harding About His Professional Watercolours


Michael Harding has been producing oil paint since 1982, and now his long-held dream of making a high quality watercolour range has finally been realised. 
With a vision to develop colours of the highest intensity and integrity, and with as many pure single pigment colours as possible, Michael Harding has introduced a range of over 135 Professional Watercolour Paints. 

We invited him to join us in the Jackson’s studio to share his twenty-year journey in realising this new exciting collection, and in this ‘In Conversation’ film he discusses how he carefully developed the range, his love of colour and his plans for the future.




0:00 Introduction

0:23 Why did you decide to create your own watercolour range?

03:34 Your new watercolour range has been 20 years in the making, could you tell us why it took so long?

05:42 What did you want to offer artists which makes the range different from other watercolours available?

07:17 How did you formulate your watercolours?

09:09 Are your watercolours lightfast?

11:19 What do the watercolours have in common with your oils?

12:43 Can you describe what sets are available?

13:45 Will you expand your range to include half and full pans in the future?

14:48 Can you tell us a little about your favourite colours in the range and show us their unique qualities?

37:36 Credits


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Michael Harding Professional Watercolours

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