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About Juan García Segura

Juan García Segura (Murcia, Spain- b. 1980) is a director and 3D motion graphic designer. He moved to Berlin in 2012 where he lives with his wife and children.

After receiving his degree in Audiovisual Communication in 2006, he spent a few years as a lead motion designer in a local tv station. He then moved to Munich in 2008 to work with several 3D motion design studios.

In 2012, he relocates to Berlin. There he works for animation and filmmaking production studios like Sehsucht, Storz & Escherisch, Optix Digital, and OM Studios. 

Juan focuses on translating design-driven photorealistic 3D animations into Commercials, Broadcast Design, Events Visuals, Product Visualization, and Titles Sequences.

As a matter of fact, Segura directed the on-air redesign of Spanish channels NEOX and Xplora. He also collaborated extensively in the broadcast design of german and international tv channels.

Current Projects

Juan currently works directly with clients of high caliber. Some of these include the mobile bank N26, the payment technology company Sumup, the curated network of professionals, and creators Factory Berlin.

He is available for commissions. To contact him, go here. 

NFT Project: States of Matter

Juan García Segura | States of Matter Juan García Segura | States of Matter Juan García Segura | States of Matter Juan García Segura | States of Matter Juan García Segura | States of Matter Juan García Segura | States of Matter


“This is the first NFT minted from my ongoing series States of Matter.

You see a digital smoke simulation in a morphing glass cast generated through particles advection. This process takes several days of computer calculation: over a hundred hours and 12 million particles were necessary to create the 206 images that compose this animation.

Years of refining the technical part of this process allow me to pay special attention to shapes, color palettes, and illumination.”

NFTs at Foundation

NFTs at Makersplace


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