photographer brian kosoff frames covered graffiti like abstract paintings




When the pandemic hit, Portland-primarily based photographer Brian Kosoff wandered about the empty streets of the town, wherever he encountered parking plenty wherever graffiti had been coated. To his shock, these coverings resulted in Rothko-like murals that he began to photograph.


‘Like everybody, I experienced to modify my regular routines in 2020,’ Kosoff recollects in an article posted by PetaPixel. ‘After the closure of fitness centers and other forms of workout, my spouse and I begun getting long walks by means of many neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon. It was on these walks that I 1st observed this intriguing phenomenon.’

photographer brian kosoff frames covered graffiti like abstract paintings
pictures © Brian Kosoff




The coverings appear to be to be of tags — or signatures — a form of graffiti that is not a lot appreciated by residence owners. These have tasked on their own with the task of taking away, or covering them, creating the summary paintings.


‘When house homeowners felt compelled to paint more than the graffiti they uncovered offensive or unattractive, they’d use what ever paint they experienced on hand, or no matter what paint they could get inexpensive,’ Kosoff ongoing. ‘At first look, it seems there was tiny believed about coloration and the eventual overall look. But the owner or final painter did have to determine just how much of it they’d paint around. Would they just hardly go over it or paint a additional pleasing dimensions or condition? I wonder just how a lot thought they gave to the method.’

photographer brian kosoff frames covered graffiti like abstract paintings


Titled Paintings, the series showcases the patched walls, where the graffiti has been included with squares and rectangles in diverse shades that do not match the track record shade. When seen from afar, unforeseen oeuvres are uncovered many thanks to the photographer’s eye.

photographer brian kosoff frames covered graffiti like abstract paintings


‘I have possible photographed at least 100 walls,’ Brian Kosoff concludes. ‘Some partitions were being so huge that they presented many compositions. I ponder, how quite a few graffiti artists and how lots of home administrators made their marks on these partitions? I presume that there have been several far more graffiti artists than home managers, and really prolific ended up they. All of these contributors have never ever fulfilled, and in convert, I have by no means satisfied any of them. But in the stop, they produced anything far a lot more interesting than just a different blank city wall. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder, but to my eyes, these strangers made art.’


project information:


identify: Paint

photographer: Brian Kosoff

additional on the series: in this article

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apr 19, 2022

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