Pegboard in the Art Room


To know me is to know my love of pegboard. It’s a big part of the teacher cart I designed with Prang. It played a huge role in making my sewing room more organized. And it helps keep my painting supplies organized in my crafting space. I would cover the world in pegboard if I had my way. 

Last fall, my instructional space was relocated. The area you see above was my teaching space for many years as that’s where maintenance decided to place my television which I use with my document cam. I never understood the location: it was close to my entranceway; it was a small space and it was far away from the view of my students if there were at their desks.

Because that space was too small for children to sit with one another due to social distancing, I requested my TV be relocated to a more centralized spot in the art room. It feels SO MUCH better to have it there (like, it makes so much sense, you can see it here). However, this once-beloved area soon became forgotten and, well, sad. So, over the summer I asked my dad, who was visiting from out of town, to help me hang some pegboard.

It was easy! We had to purchase concrete drill bits and screws and I say it was easy cuz he did it all. We only bought three pegboards but I decided I wanted the whole space covered. So I bought more and my custodial friend Mr. Joe hung the rest.

And then it sat blank and unused for the start of the school year. 

In October, I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it: make it a black and white doodle drawing! I have A LOT of rainbow action in my art room but I like to balance it with black and white. So I used my handy dandy bingo dauber and went to town. Here’s the video:

I work on things VERY SLOWLY meaning that I’ll do a little here, there, take a massive month-long break…and then finish it off. That’s kinda my thing. 

On Amazon you can create your own neon signs, did you know that? It was a splurge but I spend more time in my art room than I do my actual home…so I figured, why not? I love it. Yellow is my fave color and it really seemed to pop. The photos do not do it justice!

So…what’s gonna go on the pegboard? Aprons for sure. Dustpans for messes. And everyday supplies that my “store” (the large table where kids go to collect supplies) can’t hold like Sharpies, pencils, etc. Not sure! I’ll be certain to keep you posted. Thanks for letting me share!
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