Body painting exhibit at Vanderelli Room in Franklinton


With 8 brushes in her still left hand and a person in her proper, Lynn Hetherington Becker went to work on her canvas.  

Shortly soon after beginning, she requested her “canvas” to go a little bit nearer. Then, she puzzled aloud if the temperature in the room was Ok. Could she pluck a hair? 

On that current Sunday, Gwen A.P. (that’s her artist title) was Becker’s canvas.  

As Becker coated Gwen’s abdomen in turquoise and cobalt blues and swirled all around her breasts in a lovely metallic gold, the two girls chatted about motherhood, fashion and their lives as artists. 

Artist and model Gwen A.P. of Westerville is painted by Lynn Hetherington Becker at Becker's home in Dublin.

“I always start out with the torso,” said Becker, circling her model’s navel with her brush. “I want to give you liberty with your arms and legs as prolonged as feasible.” 

Before long, Gwen A.P. would be coated head to toe in colourful physique paint as Becker, motivated by an intricate Indian mandala-like design and style, remodeled her into one thing magical in the center of Becker’s living area in Dublin.  

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