MAKING A MARK: Art Society Exhibitions (December 2022 – March 23)


Here’s a list of the upcoming Art Society Exhibitions at the two main venues in London over the winter months – the Mall Galleries and the Bankside Gallery.

Click the title of the exhibition to find out more about each exhibition


Royal Institute of Oil Painters | Annual Exhibition 2022

Venue: Mall Galleries

Dates: 24 November 2022 to 10 December 2022 (10am to 5pm)

Admission: £5

More info:

Mini Picture Show 
Robin Richmond RWS, Summer Cadaques, Spain (detail),
watercolour & acrylic on handmade paper
Affordable works on a small scale by artists from the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers. Contemporary watercolours and original prints, both framed and unframed, may be taken away immediately. Prices start at £50

I’m always rather surprised more national and local art galleries don’t do something similar. I’ve visited this show in the past and come away with what I regarded as some real bargains.

  • Artworks
  • Venue: Bankside Galley
  • Dates: 9th December 2022 – 29th January 2023
  • Admission: Free


Mini Picture Show (continues)

  • Artworks
  • Venue: Bankside Galley
  • Dates: 9th December 2022 – 29th January 2023
  • Admission: Free

Mall Galleries: no exhibitions


Mall Galleries: no exhibitions

I can’t remember the last time (prior to the pandemic and other than last year due to surgery) when I didn’t visit the Mall Galleries in January and February – but maybe that’s because there’s fewer art competitions?

Personally I don’t get it. Summer months provide a lot more competition for people’s time. Having a nice exhibition to go to during the winter months is to my mind an excellent outing! Bottom line it all depends on what the impact is on the number of visitors to the exhibition – and the number of sales….


RWS Open

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