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Whether or not you’re already selling your work online, this can be a great part of your holiday sales strategy. Perhaps you want to sell via your own website, or on Etsy, or simply by posting work on Instagram and soliciting sales that way. Consider whether you want to offer a holiday discount to incentivize shoppers. Look how well that works for Black Friday sales!

5. Sell “Gifty” Gifts

There are a rare few holiday shoppers who are looking for $2,000 paintings. But for the most part, folks are shopping for more affordable gifts—and they have quite a few people on their lists! The more affordable and “gift-like” art you can offer, the better.

For example, mini artworks are affordable and easy for the recipient to fit into their decor. Prints are less expensive than original art. You can also have your art printed onto items that are perfect for gifting: tea towels, mugs, greeting cards, and more. Your art will bring beauty into the everyday life of the recipients, and the gift givers will feel good about their purchase.

End the Year on a Profitable Note

I hope this list has gotten your gears turning—and I hope you will make good sales this holiday season! Next week I’ll discuss how to put together your holiday sales strategy. But for now, I hope you dive into research and planning!

Which type of holiday art sales seems best for you? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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