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NFTs have completely upended the way that the world—including students and spectators, artists and collectors—is able to consume art. The internet has made it possible for anyone with an internet connection to create and connect with an audience. With smart contracts, creators can now monetize these connections, collectors can be the verifiable owners of digital assets, and these artworks and transactions live on the internet and blockchain, available for everyone to see.

With so much access, it’s not surprising that we are seeing members-only clubs popping up within the Web3 world. These clubs use membership tokens to give holders exclusive access to drops and other alpha.

However, there are still those of us pushing toward further inclusivity and democratization of opportunity. One such example is Foundation—a major art platform in NFTs—which announced that it was moving away from its community curation model and opening up doors to all creators. Foundation’s open protocol, os.foundation.app, also presents composable building blocks and an ecosystem of applications that allow anyone to create their own Web3 apps and experiences. As its tagline aptly declares, “A new world is possible!” 


NFTs live in the digital realm, but can also be tied to real-world items. Similarly, while the NFT community exists vibrantly online, it’s also finding ways to connect in real life—especially among art lovers.

SuperRare has launched a gallery space in NYC’s SoHo, while Bright Moments continues to host exhibitions and experiences in physical spaces internationally. Additionally, DAOs and organizations like FWB and BoysClub (the name is tongue-in-cheek—it’s actually for women!) host dinners, panels, talks, and get-togethers, all in the name of culture, education, and real, in-person connection.

For artists and collectors who are new to the space, joining a DAO can be a great way to learn about Web3, meet other artists and collectors, and build a foundation for yourself within the community.


Despite the recent downtrend in the crypto market, the underlying technology of NFTs and smart contracts points to a solid future for NFTs, as they provide new ways for individuals to connect, create, and earn. If you’re an art lover, I think it’s a great time to invest in artists you love. Participating in this economy can not only help to support an emerging artist, but will also define the future of the art world and Web3.

This article is taken from a guest post by Monty Preston, Saatchi Art’s NFT Curator, for Fast Company. You can read the article on Fast Company here.

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