Iuliia Pozdina Artist Studio Provides Art Instruction for Adults and Kids in LA and Online


Iuliia Pozdina’s studio is bringing new value to the American art scene by introducing art classes for adults and children.

On April 8, 2023, Iuliia Pozdina took her studio’s involvement in the Los Angeles art scene to the next level. She held the first of a planned series of art classes for adults and children. Held at AzziArt Gallery LA, her flagship class introduced art techniques to an enthusiastic group of local adults.

This is only the beginning for the Iuliia Pozdina Artist Studio. Iuliia has considerable knowledge and experience as an artist, teacher, and creative collaborator. Through her courses, she will show aspiring artists how to truly shine.

Art classes for young and old, local and remote

Ms. Pozdina plans to primarily focus her studio on courses and workshops, such as the April 8 event, starting with a children’s workshop in May. She plans to provide these workshops on a regular basis, both around Los Angeles and online. This will allow her to reach a large number of students and help them unleash the artists inside of them.

Iuliia has worked as a one-on-one art tutor for years, but by moving to a group classroom setting, she will be able to help more people achieve their artistic dreams.

A well-established artist passes on diverse experience

Iuliia has been working as a professional artist for over a decade. She is a self-taught painter and illustrator who trained as an architect at the Perm Construction School. She later learned digital photography at Los Angeles City College. She has experience in fashion design, as a production assistant for an Amazon series, and of course, as an art tutor.

Starting out in watercolor, Ms. Pozdina now works in a variety of media, including digital. Besides working for individual clients, she has had several gallery shows in and outside the Los Angeles area. She brings this diverse experience to her classes, hoping to inspire others to find their own artistic style and inspiration.

One of Many Planned Projects

Iuliia Pozdina Artist Studio may primarily focus on teaching others art, but Ms. Pozdina has other big plans for her studio. Of course, she will continue to sell both physical and digital artwork of her own. She also aspires to continue collaborating with other creative people and with companies. This includes projects such as book illustrations and commercial product design.

Whether by creating her own art or teaching others to create, Iuliia’s new projects will have a significant impact on the local and international art industry. In addition, her dedicated work promises to bring forth a bumper crop of contemporary artists, new art, and new creative collaborations.

People interested in learning from Ms. Pozdina, purchasing or commissioning art, or proposing a collaboration can contact her via her website, iuliiapozdina.com. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can also call or visit her studio in person.

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